The system of the future, now already available

The RT•20-10 puts an innovative approach to installation technology under your roof. This modular plug & play method ensures considerable gains in quality, costs and time.

RT•20-10 allows us to prepare your system at our own plant on a modular basis. We then only have to assemble the modules plug & play on location. For you this means:

Top quality
Your system is assembled in optimal conditions by specially trained professionals.

Lower costs
Standardisation and prefabrication make our production process much more efficient and less error-sensitive then the traditional process.

Maximum speed
Besides greater production process speed, we also keep our presence on the outlet floor to a minimum.

But RT•20-10 is actually more than a system. It is a new outlook on installation technology, in which the system is ‘only’ part of a complete integrated process.

This method allows us to replicate solutions that have already proved themselves in practice. We have accordingly set a complete new standard, that has amply proved its worth in the meantime.

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