About us


The bar is set high


We work for the cream of the Dutch retail world. This is because we set the bar high and distinguish ourselves in many fields.

1. High-quality products
We work exclusively with leading brands and offer a full three-year guarantee on our own products and installations.

2. Speed in the construction process
We would venture to state that we have the shortest turnaround times in the sector. On average, for new customers we shorten the time from three to two weeks.

3. Price advantage
We do not try to be the least expensive, but we do offer the best price with the highest performance. As that is ultimately what it's all about.

4. Clear communication
As a super specialist we speak the language of the retail world. And not only the management and sales staff: our technicians also have on average more than 12.5 years' service behind them.

5. Innovative solutions
We have all the technologies in-house to be able to offer state-of-the-art solutions. It was not without reason that with RT•20-10we have set the installation standard for the future.

6. Transparent cost structure
We work with fully transparent budgets. After all, transparency and trust form the basis of good cooperation.

7. Full-service partnership
Subsidy options, long-term budgets, future visions... As a partner, we proactively invest in cooperation.

Do you also set the bar high?
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