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Sustainability through technology


It is our mission to help customers to be successful, also in the field of sustainability. Together we make a difference that really changes the game.

If we want to be able to pass on a sustainable world to the following generations, we must do everything we can to minimise the consumption of raw materials and energy. We are highly aware of this social responsibility at Kersten Retail.

And it is also of great importance from a business perspective. After all, sustainability has become the third selection criterion after price and quality. And the trend is only gaining strength.

Together | Smart | Inspiring
So there is every reason to also excel in the field of sustainability and to minimise the ecological footprint of our customers. We achieve this by investing heavily in the latest sustainable techniques and methods.

Looking at how we can deploy these smart solutions together can enable us to make the difference and serve as an inspirational example. The most sustainable retailer in the Netherlands has good reason for choosing our solutions.